HTML-Cart is a free shopping cart that will allow you to create your shopping cart pages using standard html code and then when items are added to the cart they are passed to a small cgi script on the server that will supply all the the cart and check out features.

The cart also makes use of a secret encryption keys to insure that the amounts on your html pages are not modified before they are submitted.

This has got to be the simpliest self install shopping cart that you can find! HTML-Cart is extreemly simple, but the down side of that is that it lacks some more advanced features. So if you are looking for something more powerful you can check out one of our other FREE database driven shopping carts:

CommerceCGI - Flat File Database Driven Shopping Cart!
CommerceSQL - MySQL Database Driven Shopping Cart!

HTML-Cart Features

  • Unlimited Products
  • Html code generator - Just enter your product name, price, and shipping amount and it will give you the code to add to your product page.
  • Order management script that will allow you to view your orders online through the secure server.
  • Shopping carts are kept track of on your server using the users IP address, and old shopping carts are automatically deleted off the server after 12 hours. We have also added a feature to use a cookie to store the IP address for ISP's that randomly change the users IP address.
  • Support for ordering multiple items, or multiple quantities.
  • Both sales tax, and shipping are supported.
  • Built in password script to password protect the admin folder with all the admin scripts in it.
  • Template file for design that is easily updated so that the cgi pages can easily match your site. Template file is in the standard design of a Macromedia Dreamweaver template file format.

View the demo to see these features in action!

HTML-Cart Requirements

  • SendMail
  • Secure server access (does not have to be on the same machine as your product pages)
  • Ability to execute scripts on secure server
  • .htaccess support
  • Designed for Unix web servers

Shopping Cart:

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